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Gaung is a platform for research, monitoring and prediction of viral content

All activities related to viral can be done through Gaung platform, without the need of accessing any other social media tools

What can we do at Gaung?


Use this feature as pre-research before creating the content and viral campaign, so you will get the background information related to your campaign idea


Use this feature as early warning viral system for your brand and campaign. you will be better prepared for the result of your action


Use this feature to predict not only the level of your viral content, but also some improvement suggestion to it


  • Brand monitoring based on predefined key word
  • Brand/keyword early warning system
  • Prediction of viral content level
  • Automatic Improvement suggestion via Artificial Intelligence

Viral Now

viral now

Viral Now informs you the current viral content, with adjustable timeline from 1 to 24 hour. The data is Also available in province breakdown. This feature enables you to have pre-research before creating a campaign. Having solid information, your content will be right-targeted to the audience and time

Web Search

viral web search

Web Search reveals the fact on what actually virals on certain key word or phrase. Result is ranked based on the level of virality. Equipped with strong fact, assumption is no longer needed when designing content. Hence, campaign can progress faster and easier.

FB Search

fb search

Still the biggest social media platform, facebook is mainly used as the base for viral campaign. People, topic, place, and any other Facebook characteristic can be elaborated to search spesific content. On top of that, this feature could also be leveraged to find influencers for the campaign, as Facebook reveals the people behind certain topic


Gaung platform users came from varied background

  • Gaung assisted us in doing research of current issues related to our on-going campaign
    Anggara Suwahju | Lawyer, Ketua Badan Pengurus ICJR
  • Using Gaung as platform, viral campaign is now based it self on strong data mining and interpretation, no longer only on assumption on what is 'in' and 'what is out'
    Yuna Davina | Category and Shopper Insight Manager Sari Husada
  • It's the exact platform we need to create and implement our sales and marketing strategies
    Chippy Wihanda | Strategic Campaign & Implementation Manulife